Orthodox Jews in the News: Weekly Round Up 3/27

Right around when Mark Zuckerberg was founding Facebook, he went to a Purim party at the Harvard Chabad house and danced the night away with Orthodox Jews! Two Orthodox Jews Prevent Bridge Suicide – Two Hassidic Jews from Brooklyn are being credited with saving a 52-year-old  woman from taking her life on the Brooklyn Bridge this past […]

Survivor Winner Ethan Zohn on “JITC Speaks,” Ep. 5

Listen to the full radio interview above or here. Ethan Zohn, winner of the reality show Survivor, and founder of the non-profit Grassroots Soccer, is no stranger to extreme challenges. From professional soccer player to cancer crusher, his achievements include several marathons, as well as being a mouthpiece for Stand Up To Cancer, the face […]

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