If I Could Turn Back Time: Teshuvah – the Only Way to Turn Back Time

If you watched the VMAs or saw headlines from it like I did, you might have noticed that Cher (singer, actress, and erstwhile infomercial star) was dressed in a black unitard made of nothing but nylons. OK, there was some strategically-placed glitter on the outfit as well, but as over-the-top as Cher looked wearing this getup 30 years ago is nothing compared to how she […]

Lindsay Lohan and the Blame Game

Whether or not you care to keep up with the latest gossip coming out of Hollywood, doing something as simple as logging on to email basically guarantees that you will. Which means that almost everyone at this point has heard the recent news in the ongoing saga of actress Lindsay Lohan who has been sentenced to ninety days in […]

To Grandmother’s House We Go: The Spiritual Connection Between GPS and Teshuva

We were headed to my in-laws for a visit when we lost our way — three times. And there was no one blame but the GPS. The first time we were looking for the nearest gas station off the highway. The GPS took us to a dark, winding road. Five miles later we were parked in front of a house. Needless to say, our […]

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