Why Do We Spin A Grogger From Below And A Dreidel From Above?

Did you ever consider that both Purim and Chanukah contain toys which spin? But why does one spin from below while the other spins from above?

Who’s a Better Female Role Model, Queen Esther or Disney Princesses?

Did you ever consider that Queen Esther is a much better female role model for our kids than the Disney princesses we give them from the youngest age?

50 Second Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Hamantashen Recipe!

Reese Peanut Butter Cups plus hamantashen equals best Purim ever!! Thank you, Over Time Cook, for the recipe.

The Orthodox Bar Mitzvah Boy Who Raised $19k For Kids With Cancer

In some ways, Nachliel Jacobs is your average Orthodox Jewish twelve year old boy. He loves sports, music (he plays the drums) and hanging out with his three younger siblings. But there is something about this New York native which sets him apart from other pre-teens: instead of having a bar mitzvah party for just […]

Achieving the Impossible Bit By Bit

 A few years ago, my husband was in a bit of a bind. He had put in a fresh pair of contact lenses that morning – the kind that’s supposed to last a couple months – but it was 10 PM on Christmas Eve and he was out of solution. I suggested that we call one of […]

The Flipside of Suffering: The Jewish Way of Maintaining Joy in the Midst of Tragedy

A couple weekends ago, smack in the middle of two international tragedies – the earthquake in Japan and the gruesome terror attack in Itamar – we found out about the death of our friends’ one-year-old daughter.

A Purim Story

My high school was not your typical high school. The teachers drove used Chevys, Toyotas, and Chryslers; the student parking lot was full of Mercedes, BMW’s, and Land Rovers. Although there were many rich, snobby kids at my school, it wasn’t like in the movies where cheerleaders ruled. No – the name of the game at my school was college admissions.

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