Beauty & the Beast: Should Belle Have Judged Beast Favorably?

Dear Jew in the City- In the upcoming movie remake Beauty and the Beast, the main character Belle is kept prisoner by a mean Beast whom everyone hates and fears, yet Belle somehow sees the good in him, which (not-so-spoiler-alert) transforms him. What does Judaism say about seeing the good in other people? Thanks! Dear Hater- […]

Anthony Weiner’s Resignation and the Lesson We All Should Learn

This is cross posted on So Congressman Anthony Weiner has resigned. Apparently a politician involved in lewd online behavior, who lies about aforementioned lewd online behavior when caught, is frowned upon by the general public. But how many regular people have recently found themselves in an embarassing (albeit less extreme) situation when they assumed that their online indiscretions were discreet?

Just Give ME Your Money, Max

What would you do if you woke up one day and were suddenly worth $100 million? Well, if you were like Max Levchin (the co-founder of PayPal), you’d start off by feeling “worthless and stupid.” Then you’d spend a year being overwhelmed because you wouldn’t know what to do with the rest of your life. […]

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