Orthodox Jews in the News Weekly Round Up 8/26/16

  Woman’s Funeral Had No Attendees So 30 Strangers Showed Up When no one showed up to Francine Stein’s funeral, a viral online post from the daughter of the officiating rabbi drew a crowd of 30 Orthodox Jews to help out. The mitzvah of levayas hameis just happens to also be a kiddush Hashem. How […]

Orthodox Jews in the News Weekly Round Up 7/29/16

Sports Minister to Skip Rio Opening Ceremony Due to Shabbat Representing the country of the Jewish People, this non-observant Israeli will represent all Jews when she does not attend the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Olympics. Why Being an Orthodox Jewish Mom Makes Me a Better CEO Orthodox Jewish All Star Sarah Hofstetter writes this […]

Orthodox Jews in the News Weekly Round-Up 7/15/16

  Bulletproof Stockings’ Co-founder Goes Solo Brooklyn-based Perl Wolfe breaks down stereotypes with her genre-bending indie-rock music. The catch? She only plays for women, and has a new venture in mind to help them rock out all the more. These Frum Filmmakers Are Revolutionizing Orthodox Cinema What started as a Chol HaMoed filmed production of […]

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