The Christian Woman Who Found Her Way Back To Her Jewish Soul

Today, Tamarah Rosenberg is an Orthodox Jewish woman who lives in New Jersey with her son and commutes to rural Pennsylvania where she teaches at a Montessori pre-school, but her path to a Torah observant lifestyle started in a most unexpected way: adopted at birth by a Protestant couple from the Bible Belt, Tamarah was […]

“Rabbi Eli Gewirtz of Partners in Torah ,” Ep. 7 JITC Speaks

Listen to the full radio interview above or here. Rabbi Eli Gewirtz is the Founder and Director of Partners in Torah, an organization which connects Jews of different denominations through the medium of Torah study. Individuals are matched up and provided with personal partners via phone, Skype, or in person, where they can learn about […]

“Green Eggs, No Ham” (A JITC High Holiday Animated Short)

What happens when Jew in the City (JITC) finds herself in a Dr. Seuss-like world with “Survivor” winner Ethan Zohn? “Green Eggs, No Ham!” Our FIRST animated short

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