Ambassador Norm Eisen Accepts Orthodox Jewish All Star Award

“My mom used to say ‘The Nazis took us out of Czechoslovakia in cattle cars, and my son flew back on Air Force One!’”

The Orthodox Jewish Animator Who Hid A Mezuzah In Winnie The Pooh

For an animator, a job at Disney is the ultimate achievement, and for Saul Blinkoff it was no different. He landed his dream job in his twenties, after years of working towards that goal, made a few movies, and then at a moment when he literally had “the whole package” – he did something unexpected. […]

A Eulogy For Rochelle Shoretz (JITC All Star) From A Dear Friend

  Rochelle Shoretz – Jew in the City Orthodox Jewish All Star (2012) passed away this past Shabbos at age 42 after a long and tenacious battle with breast cancer. She was a friend and mentor to me and countless others. To hear the entirety of our tribute to her, listen to “Jew in the […]

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