So, What Exactly is ‘Shabbat’ Anyway?

What does it mean to “rest” on Shabbat? What can’t you do and why?

The First Orthodox Jewish First Daughter

With the results of the presidential election in, the country is divided between elated, devastated, and indifferent with Donald Trump’s upset last night. While we don’t do politics around here, there is one piece of this story that does relate to our work: history was made last night as there has never been a first child […]

This Orthodox Jewish Mom Schooled The Internet On Gender Equality

There is a viral internet conversation about gender equality happening right now which has been shared by celebs like Katie Holmes, Blake Lively, and Amy Schumer and media outlets including: Yahoo,, Us Weekly, Daily Telegraph, Huffington Post and Refinery 29. The post, which is noteworthy in its own right, is even more fascinating when […]

Weekly Round Up: Orthodox Jews in the News 7/8/16

Orthodox Jewish Duo Ilan & Josh Beatbox Their Way to America’s Got Talent Stardom Their kippas, tzitzits, vocal appreciation of Israel and the Kotel are enough to make us love them. But just wait until you hear them lay down the phat beatz! The Funeral of Elie Wiesel, In Keeping with the Jewish Tradition he […]

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