Why Observant Jews Leave Judaism

Having run the gamut of observance herself, Faranak Margolese devoted five years to researching, interviewing, and surveying hundreds of people who left Orthodox Judaism in order to better understand the “off the derech” phenomenon. Her 2005 highly acclaimed book “Off The Derech: Why Observant Jews Leave Judaism, How To Respond To the Challenge” is perhaps […]

To the Ex-Haredim Who Can’t Find a Place In The Orthodox World

There is a story told about the late rabbi and physicist Aryeh Kaplan: As a teenager he began to explore Orthodox Judaism and spent a short time in yeshiva. After his brief stint, he wasn’t so convinced that observant life was for him, so he decided to leave. But he was a bit nervous as […]

God Left Me, So Now I’m Leaving Jewish Observance

Hi Jew in the City, I grew up in a religious environment, but in the last few years I’ve pretty much left religion: I don’t daven (pray) at all (too lazy), Shabbat (what’s that ???), but still keep kosher [hmm…].  Although I still dress like a religious Jew, I don’t really practice much and the reason for […]

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