The (Jewish) Secret Answer to Male Lonliness

 An article recently published in the Boston Globe, “The biggest threat facing middle-aged men isn’t smoking or obesity. It’s loneliness,” (March 9, 2017) suggests that for adult men, meaningful friendships often do not actively continue into the adult years which can not only lead to a variety of problems, but can also have a terrible impact on […]

Are Orthodox Jews Sexist? (The Blog Version)

I recently released the latest episode of “Jew in the City” with a guest appearance by Mayim Bialik. The video has gotten an overwhelmingly positive response, but there have been some negative comments posted on various websites too. I was called an “apologist” in at least one place, but I must set the record straight – and […]

Why Orthodox Men Don’t Wear Wigs

I recently received an e-mail from a man who saw my “What to Wear on My Hair” video and wanted to know if my husband keeps his hair “special” and “saves it just for me.” Now I’m pretty sure that this guy was just trying to give me a hard time, but he actually raised […]

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