My Husband Makes Mikvah Night Extra Romantic By Doing This

On mikvah night, my husband leaves me a present. Not every month, not all the time, lest I expect it and no longer appreciate it. He started over twenty years ago when we had just gotten married. I don’t know how he first thought to do it, but it’s so incredibly sweet and wonderful and […]

Haredi Women Filmmakers & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Read The Groundbreaking Orthodox Film Story That’s Now An Award Finalist The Haredi world is generally viewed as an insular patriarchal community that shuns movies, but a fledgling, shadow film industry has been growing quietly for a decade within the confines of this improbable universe. These flicks — dozens of them — are produced, scripted, […]

Fast Facts About Tu B’Av: A Jewish Valentine’s Day?

Tonight begins the joyful minor holiday of Tu b’Av, the fifteenth of the month of Av. The Talmud says besides Yom Kippur, there was no other holy day as happy for the Jews as Tu b’Av. In the times of the Temple, unmarried Jewish women would dress in white and dance in the vineyards, as that […]

One Minute Insight: What Shavuos Can Teach Us About Marriage

Want to know a secret to feeling closer to your spouse? It’s all in how you say it.   Seth Feldman – producer Elliot Gabor – director of photography Danny Moallem – production assistant  

The Get Story You Never Heard

*Author’s name has been changed to protect anonymity. When I finally came to terms with the fact that I was going to have to go through with a get (Jewish divorce), I did some research and quickly learned that there isn’t a lot of information out there apart from some awful films and some sites which […]

How Do You Turn a Man Who Isn’t Ready for Commitment into One Who Is?

Dear Jew in the City, I know it’s important to date and marry a Jewish man, but I’m having a really hard time finding quality Jewish men in my hometown! Do I really have to move to LA, NY, or Israel to find my soul mate? Also, I’ve found a Jewish man I am in […]

Help! I Can’t Find a Husband Because I’m too Religious for Some and Not Enough for Others

Dear Jew in the City, I am a somewhat observant Jew in a big city with a decent Jewish population, but I am having trouble finding my bashert. I am not Orthodox and while many of my friends and family members are, and I understand and respect living an Orthodox life, I know certain aspects […]

Pre-Napper and The Mule

My husband is one of the most incredible sleepers I have ever known. He really is. And sleeping well is a wonderful thing, unless of course you’re the wife of an incredible sleeper and your husband keeps falling asleep and staying asleep on couches, chairs, and various other non-bed accouterments, as opposed to going to […]

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