Orthodox Jews in the News: Weekly Round Up 1/14

Fundamentally Freund: The Stirring Revival of Sicily’s Bnei Anousim – “More than five centuries after the forced conversion to Catholicism of large numbers of Sicilian Jews, followed by the expulsion of the rest, a nascent rebirth is well underway, as growing numbers of Sicily’s Bnei Anousim (“Marranos”) now seek to embrace the heritage of their ancestors.” […]

Orthodox Jews in the News: Weekly Round Up 11/30

Pigeon Meat and 5 Other Kosher Trends to Watch – Read about 6 Kosher food innovations from this year’s Kosherfest, the annual kosher food trade show, including squab (or pigeon meat) and chicken soup-flavored potato chips Gigi Hadid, Kris Jenner, Fete Stylist Monica Rose’s New Jewelry Collaboration – Rose, the stylist behind the fashionable looks of Hadid […]

Orthodox Jewish All Stars Party Recap!!

After months of hard work and planning, we finally had our amazing Orthodox Jewish All Stars Awards party last Sunday, on November 24 at the newly renovated Lincoln Square Synagogue in Manhattan thanks to the talents of Sarah Lasry and Chanie Waxler, the JITC team, and our wonderful sponsors (like Ruth Fischl and Freeda Wigs). Several Orthodox Jewish All Stars from this […]

Pepsi Wants You To #LiveForNow: Does Judaism Believe in Living For This World Or For Heaven?

The other day on twitter, I got a promoted tweet from Pepsi that said: “Got a fav #quote? One that gets you going? Tweet to us…if we #loveit we’ll RT and spread the #inspiration #LiveForNow :)” From this tweet I learned two things: number one – the English language has been ruined – possibly forever, and number […]

The Maccabeats: A Modern Day Chanukah Miracle?

If you’re both Jewishly and technologically connected enough to be reading these words, then the Yeshiva University Maccabeats (and the stir they caused this past Chanukah) require no introduction.

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