This Orthodox Jewish Kid Just Improved Uber

2014 Orthodox Jewish All Star Joshua Meier, born and raised Modern Orthodox in Teaneck New Jersey, may be one of the most accomplished twenty-year-olds you’ll ever meet. Named one of CNN’s “Eight Whiz Kids who are the Future of Medicine,” in May of 2014, Joshua won fourth place in Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) and first […]

“Josh Meier: Orthodox Jew & Kid Genius,” JITC Speaks, Ep. 4

Listen to the full radio interview above or here. Joshua Meier, named one of CNN’s “Eight Whiz Kids who are the Future of Medicine,” is currently studying at Harvard University. Embodying the Jew in the City spirit of living the best of both worlds, his achievements involve the new frontiers of scientific research as well as […]

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