Why Do Jewish Men Wear Yarmulkes (Kippahs)?

Dear Jew in the City, When and why did Jewish boys and men start wearing yarmulkes, and are there any circumstances when a yarmulke need not be worn? M.L. Dear M.L., The practice of wearing a yarmulke (kippah in Hebrew) is an ancient tradition that has its roots as a “middas chasiddus” (an act of piety) before […]

Now Hiring: Social Media Intern

Calling all Social Media Mavens! We are looking for a savvy volunteer intern to help us with our already-thriving social media channels. The right candidate will run Jew in the City’s Pinterest page, make YouTube edits and contribute to our Instagram, among other duties. This will be a great learning experience as well as a […]

We’re Hiring! Editor/Manager of Marketing and Operations

We are looking for someone who shares our passion and vision to show the world the side of Orthodox Jews and Judaism that often doesn’t get depicted, who loves to spread Torah inspiration but is also not afraid to speak out against the problems that exist within our community (as our sages teach that silence […]

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