The Wig-Wearing Orthodox HBO Producer

When most people think of celebrity chef and Orthodox Jewish All Star, Jamie Geller, the obvious image that springs to mind is an aproned, spatula-wielding author of several best-selling kosher cookbooks, and most notably, Joy of Kosher. However, Geller’s professional origin story begins not behind a counter, but behind a camera. As a child growing […]

The Catholic Italian Ventriloquist Who Loves Hasidic Jews

John Pizzi is one of the hottest rising stars in the entertainment industry and has appeared on America’s Got Talent as well as comedy clubs all over the U.S. where he opens for celebrities like Joy Behar and Weird Al. Besides being a sought-after ventriloquist and magician, John is a good friend to the Orthodox […]

The Secular WSJ Columnist Who Inspired The Shabbos Project

The Shabbos Project: an initiative which began in South Africa a year and a half ago and aims to encourage every Jew in the world observe one shabbos together, has gotten quite a bit of buzz. But how did it all begin? Not how you’d expect! Dan Ariely – a behavioral psychologist whose Wall Street Journal […]

“Kosher App & Orthodox Ping Pong Star,” JITC Speaks Ep.3

Listen to the full radio interview above or here. Misha Beshkin is the creator of the popular application “Isitkosher?” aimed at helping the confounded consumer when they’re in a kosher quandary at the supermarket. The application, available on the Android or iPhone, can scan over fifty databases in over thirty-five countries to verify the validity of […]

Chief Rabbi of SA & Mindy Pollak: “Jew in the City Speaks,” Ep. 2

Listen to the full radio interview above or here. This year marks the first annual worldwide Shabbos Project, an international experience seeking to positively unite world Jewry, spearheaded by Rabbi Warren Goldstein and his wife, Gina, the Chief Rabbi and Rebbetzin of the South Africa. It was Rebbetzin Goldstein who suggested a universal endeavor instead of […]

Mendy Pellin on “Jew in the City Speaks” Radio Show, Ep. 1

Listen to the full radio interview above or here. The New York Times calls him “Stephen Colbert with a beard and a black hat.” Mendy Pellin (one of JITC’s 2012 Orthodox Jewish All Stars) is a young Hasidic comedian and filmmaker who has transformed the face of Jewish entertainment. His stand-up has been seen all […]

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