The Day I Resolved To Stop Criticizing My Husband

Last month my husband and I celebrated our fifteenth wedding anniversary. It made me wonder if I had any wisdom to impart – any lessons based on Jewish philosophy I had discovered over the years which help us keep our marriage strong and recover from challenging times when they arise. Was there something to say about giving? […]

“Green Eggs, No Ham” (A JITC High Holiday Animated Short)

What happens when Jew in the City (JITC) finds herself in a Dr. Seuss-like world with “Survivor” winner Ethan Zohn? “Green Eggs, No Ham!” Our FIRST animated short

Fresh Start: Back To School & The Jewish New Year

I’m pretty sure that there’s a place in hell where the really bad people are trapped in a shoe store with hordes of short people who whine “Mommy” at them – forever.  There is a certain dread that fills my being at the end of every summer as we begin our back to school shopping. The […]

The Road to Success: Reflections During the High Holidays

At a recent social media conference where I was a panelist, an audience member asked how I measure success for Jew in the City. My response to her was simple: not quitting. I’ve thought of quitting Jew in the City countless times over the years. Because the idea of improving the public perception of Orthodox […]

Impulse Control and the High Holidays

A few months ago, my two-year old son looked up at me very sweetly and said, “Mommy, can I break that lamp?” as he gestured to the corner of the living room.  “No,” I told him, “you cannot break that lamp.” Although a broken-lamp-catastrophe was averted that time around, my son doesn’t usually ask permission […]

If I Could Turn Back Time: Teshuvah – the Only Way to Turn Back Time

If you watched the VMAs or saw headlines from it like I did, you might have noticed that Cher (singer, actress, and erstwhile infomercial star) was dressed in a black unitard made of nothing but nylons. OK, there was some strategically-placed glitter on the outfit as well, but as over-the-top as Cher looked wearing this getup 30 years ago is nothing compared to how she […]

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