They Just Saw Open Miracles, How Could The Jews Make A Golden Calf?

Dear Jew in the City- In reading the Exodus-related Torah portions, I just don’t understand the story of the golden calf. How could a people who had just seen open miracles so quickly turn to idolatry? All the best, Cowed   Dear Cowed- Thanks for your question. Actually, it makes perfect sense. I’ll explain. We […]

Yeshiva Floor Hockey in NYTimes & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

An Interview With The First Hasidic Woman Elected To Public Office In The U.S. Attorney and Hasidic community activist (and Orthodox Jewish All Star!) Rachel Freier won a contested primary for a civil court judgeship in Brooklyn’s 5th Judicial District and took her seat on the bench this week as a civil court judge. Freier, […]

How Can I Accept A Pre-Yom Kippur Apology That I Know Is Insincere?

Dear Jew in the City, I know that I’m supposed to resolve my differences with people this time of year, but I don’t know what to do. There’s someone I know who will do a perfunctory apology like they do every year, but it will be insincere. This individual has a history of hurting me […]

1 Minute Insight: Closeness to Hashem In Elul

Just as you have to pass by the thorn to get to the beauty of the rose, so follows the process of teshuva during the month of Elul.

The Maternal Side of God We Can All Tap Into

With four kids, ages seven and under, my husband and I have been exhausted for basically seven years straight. We’ve found that the best way to manage our sleep deprivation is by taking shifts and fortunately, the division of labor comes naturally in our house. When darkness falls on nights that he has nothing in particular to do, the moment my husband stops moving […]

Miracle Walker

It has recently come to my attention that I’m a really dorky, no scratch that – the word dorky is itself laden with dorkiness – rather, I’m a really lame jaywalker. Now for the kids reading this at home, I don’t make jaywalking a regular habit, but I am a New Yorker, so it’s gotta […]

Crashing Markets and Light Fixtures

I almost died last Thursday night. OK, perhaps that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I certainly came quite close to getting seriously injured. I think.

Murphy’s (Jewish) Law

August was a month of non-stop can-go-wrongs-did-go-wrongs. And while none of did-go-wrongs were life-threatening sorts of problems, I spent most of the month on hold, as I got passed from one useless customer service rep to another.  

I Had a Dream

Last night my daughter was missing. That’s how it seemed, at least, while I was dreaming it. The weird thing about my dream is that I knew where my daughter was the entire time we were apart, and I desperately wanted to get her. I just couldn’t for some reason – not until I heard […]

How I Explained Death To My Daughter

On my daughter’s third birthday, she asked me what happens after you die. (Now you’re probably wondering how the heck we celebrate birthdays around here, but don’t worry, we do plenty of life-affirming activities such as cake-eating and present-opening – very much like normal people, in fact.) The question came up because I had been […]

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