Thank Your “Locky” Stars: The Source of Gratitude on Thanksgiving and Every Day

Her name was Laura Dirken and she had the loveliest locks in the grade. Don’t believe me? The proof still lies in the hall of fame section of my 8th grade yearbook where you’ll see that Ms. Dirken was voted “best hair” in our class. If you think those things are just popularity contests, you’re […]

Why Is Thanking Your Parents So Hard?

My parents made me a big bat mitzvah – like black-tie-affair-on-a-yacht-cruising-around-Manhattan-harbor-with-a-hundred-and-fifty-of-our-closest-family-and-friends big. But they weren’t just the people that planned the party and paid for it. They saw me through all my years of Hebrew school and bat mitzvah lessons. They helped me write my speeches and made me practice them. And although we had […]

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