Opioid Addiction Awareness in the Orthodox Jewish Community

While the problem of drug addiction is a universal one, much of the Orthodox Jewish community has not always been comfortable facing it head on. Thankfully, change is beginning to taking place with a raising of awareness like never before. With more than 700 people coming to an event last Monday night in Brooklyn sponsored […]

Kippahs In Coke Super Bowl Ad & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

500 Years After Being Wiped Out, Sicilian Jewish Life is Reborn A vibrant community was expelled from Sicily under the Spanish Inquisition in 1493. Residents are rediscovering their hidden roots today thanks to the dedication of a new shul and an increasing number of resources. Stunning Court Decision Approves Passover Punishment The U.S. Court of […]

Orthodox Jews Of Lakewood Support Family Of Slain Latino Boy

With any death, and all the more so with the death of a child, communities are plunged into mourning. This was the case this past week in Lakewood, New Jersey, where a two-year-old Latino boy, Jayden Marquez, was struck and killed by a car, driven by his unaware aunt. The awful incident supposedly took place […]

The Victims of the Sandy Hook Shooting You Never Heard Of

When there’s a mass shooting we (rightly so) hear most about the victims and their families as their pain is the deepest, their loss the most palpable. But there are countless untold stories of the kids who suffer from the periphery. I was one of them. Almost 22 years to the day of the Sandy […]

Is Life A Line or a Circle? Reflections on Simchas Torah

This week I let my eldest child (my super responsible ten year old daughter) use a sharp knife for the first time. A couple days later, I let her take something out of a hot oven. But the real craziness began a week ago when I let my daughter walk to a playground – which […]

Measuring Up: Self-Reflection On My Birthday

She had been in my life since I was a young bride and had helped me make Shabbos almost every week. But then last Friday – without warning – she gave out. And by “she,” I mean my black plastic measuring cup whose handle suddenly snapped off while I was scooping flour. Of course it […]

The Legacy of Steve Jobs: Is it Jewish to “Think Different?”

In the days since Steve Jobs passed away, media outlets and social networking sites have been buzzing about his life, his legacy, and why he touched so many  people. Quotes from his now almost legendary commencement speech at Standford University in 2005 have popped up on my Facebook page and twitter feed repeatedly. This man’s […]

Birthday Musings

When I was a kid, I assumed that my grandparents had been old forever. When I was a kid, I never understood why people lied about being twenty-nine. Why make up such an old age if you’re trying to sound young?

“The Jewish Afterlife,” Episode 7

Does Judaism believe in an afterlife? Watch this video to find out.

Michael Jackson: Better off Dead?

Michael Jackson was laid to rest today, but I wonder if we slowly killed him years ago. In the two weeks since his passing, the myriad articles that have come out seem to couple any mention of his eccentricity or bizarreness with an explanation of his rough childhood or lonely adulthood. It makes me think that the media is finally done torturing the […]

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