How Do I Teach My Jewish Kids To Respect But Not Envy Christmas?

Dear Jew in the City, How do I raise my kids to be respectful of Christmas yet not have Christmas-envy? People always seem to go to one extreme or the other, but I’d like to give over a nuanced perspective to my children. Sincerely, Holiday Cheer Dear Cheer, That’s a great question. I’m no parenting expert, […]

How Becoming an Orthodox Jew Made Me Less Bitter Towards Christians on Christmas

Growing up as a Conservative Jew and being one of the only Jewish kids in my public school, the holiday season always stuck in my craw. My parents tried to make Chanukah fun for my sisters and me, and while it was, it didn’t compare to the focus that the world put on Christmas. No matter […]

Is it Bad if I Take My Jewish Kids to See Santa?

Dear Jew in the City, Is it bad if i take my Jewish kids to see Santa? They keep asking me.   Thanks, Michelle from Bethesda, MD Dear Michelle, Great and very timely question! How much exposure to non-Jewish holidays should we give our Jewish children? My kids have some curiosity about non-Jewish holidays since we […]

The Jewish Tradition of Chinese Food and a Movie on Christmas

‘Tis the season for another round of reposts! (How long are blogger maternity leaves anyways?) What’s a Jew on Christmas to do? When you feel like the only kid in town without a Christmas tree is the answer to eat Chinese food and watch a movie?  Sure, you could partake in that age-old Jewish tradition, but there’s […]

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