Orthodox Jewish Day School Student’s Act of Kindness Goes Viral

Kim Hunter’s viral Facebook post about receiving a gift bag from a bar mitzvah boy during her cancer treatment is something that may have come across your newsfeed, but did you know that the kindness was done by a yeshiva boy and his friends? With over 5000 likes and hundreds of words of praise, it […]

The Jewish Tradition of Chinese Food and a Movie on Christmas

‘Tis the season for another round of reposts! (How long are blogger maternity leaves anyways?) What’s a Jew on Christmas to do? When you feel like the only kid in town without a Christmas tree is the answer to eat Chinese food and watch a movie?  Sure, you could partake in that age-old Jewish tradition, but there’s […]

How Do I Debate Missionaries Who Think I’m Going to Hell?

Dear Jew in the City, You know how there’s an idea in Christianity that we Jews are going to Hell for not believing in Jesus? What’s a good way to debate missionaries on this issue using the Bible? Sincerely, Jew in the Bible Belt.

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