The Black Hat Rabbi Who Goes To Comic-Con

A few months ago Jack Abramowitz suited up; though not in the black hat and jacket this New York-based rabbi often sports. No, on this sunny October morning, the rabbi’s getup was a bit more unusual. He was about to make a pilgrimage. One which some might consider a religious experience. But when Rabbi Abramowitz donned his […]

I Want to Return To the Jewish Heritage of My Ancestors But I Don’t Know Where to Begin

Dear Jew in the City, My great-grandparents were Jews from Kiev who emigrated to Romania before second World War. Both my grandmother and mother were secular people. I always knew about my heritage because my mother was very attached to her grand- mother and often speaks about her. Apparently, she was somewhat observant. I grew up […]

Why Is Everyone Turning Against Me Now That I’m Becoming More (Jewishly) Observant?

Dear Jew in the City, I am 16 and have recently become more observant. I was born conservative, and through volunteering with the Special Needs program at my Chabad and eventually studying and becoming very close with my rebbetzin, I have come to love Judaism and decided to follow it more closely. The hardest part […]

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