Video Recipe: Better Than Cheesecake Feta Salad for Shavuos!

This salad will have you taking your sweet time until dessert this Shavuos! Thank you to Natural & Kosher Cheese This is a sponsored post. If you would also like to sponsor a post, please contact

Eight Crazy Nights of Chanukah Cheese Pairings: Night 3

On the third night of Chanukah, Chef Isaac at Pomegranate showed us Classic Cheddar with Sliced Apples and Beer Jam.   This post was sponsored. To learn how you can sponsor a post, please email

One Minute Rosh Hashana Insight: The Sweetness of Apples

Isn’t dipping one sweet thing into another sweet thing redundant? Here’s why the apple’s sweetness is different than the honey’s.  

50 Second Rosh Hashanah Video Recipe: Apple Nachos

You’ve never had nachos like this before!      

One Minute Rosh HaShanah Insight: The Sweetness of Honey

Ever wondered why is honey sweeter than apples? The secret is in how we obtain it.

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