Jew in the City in Business Insider & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

This Woman Ran a Marathon While 7 Months Pregnant With Her 5th Kid — And She Dominated Beatie Deutsch used to be the fastest runner in her family when they would race each other on annual beach trips. Then she got married and had four kids in six years. She decided to train for a […]

JITC Makes A Splash With Video Interviews In Israeli Media Outlet!

A few months ago, I was approached by NRG360, which started out as a division of the Israeli newspaper, Maariv. They were doing profiles on six Jews who lived outside of Israel and asked if they could showcase me and my work. It seemed like a great opportunity to break down stereotypes about Orthodox Jews, […]

Orthodox Jews In The News: Weekly Round Up 8/17

Oliver Sacks: Sabbath – A homosexual doctor discusses his early love of Shabbos, how he lost it…and how he got it back. The article also recounts the moving way our 2013 Orthodox Jewish All Star, Nobel Laureate, Robert Aumman, treated his gay cousin Rabbi Harizy’s Man Camp – Read how the Rabbi helps people “get married and […]

JITC on Ynet (Israel’s Largest News Website) and

The coverage for JITC continues to expand! This week, Jew in the City had a lengthy profile on, Israel’s largest news website. The entire piece is in Hebrew, but the basic gist was that  Jew in the City harnesses comedy to teach people about Judaism and the tone was very positive.

Jew in the City in The Jewish Week

Here’s an article The Jewish Week just wrote about Jew in the City: YouTube Orthodoxy 

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