How Do You Know Which Orthodox Community To Join?

I started my journey towards Jewish observance when the father of one of my classmates killed his two children and himself when I was eight years old. This tragedy pushed me to search for meaning in life, and at sixteen, I stumbled upon Orthodox Judaism, and realized it was what I had been missing. Like […]

Orthodox Jews in the News: Weekly Round Up 8/24

Prominent US-Based Haredi Rabbis Declare Obligation to Report Child Abuse to Police – The letter addresses the need to prevent and eradicate the epidemic of child abuse in the Jewish community, and was signed by over 100 Rabbis (several of these Rabbis are the very same we reached out to, to support the halachic prenup and help prevent agunos) […]

The Kindness of Strangers After Faigy Mayer’s Suicide

Late Monday night, a 30 year old ex-Chasidic woman named Faigy Mayer tragically jumped to her death off a rooftop bar in midtown Manhattan. I didn’t know of Faigy until I read the horrible news yesterday morning, but we share some common friends. From what I’ve heard, she was kind and compassionate, creative and entrepreneurial […]

Project Makom Inaugural Shabbaton Recap

To hear to the entire radio interview on “Jew in the City Speaks,” listen above or on Last Shabbos was Project Makom‘s inaugural Shabbaton which took place in the Five Towns. (Project Makom is an initiative of Jew in the City which helps former and questioning Charedi Jews find their place in Orthodoxy. To read about why […]

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