Jew in the City’s 2016 Chanukah Gift Guide!

Chanukah is around the corner and the spirit of giving to others and even for our own enjoyment is palpable. Want to impress your gift recipients, support Orthodox Jewish businesses and take Jew in the City’s expert advice to make your Chanukah delicious, beautiful and memorable? Look no further than our 2016 Chanukah Gift Guide. […]

You Gotta Have Faith, Faith, Faith: Why Emunah Is A Choice And Not A Leap

The other day, upon returning from a trip to the supermarket, groceries in tow (or rather in hand), I realized that I had left my keys at home. But just then, wouldn’t you know, one of our neighbors walked through the lobby at the exact right moment to catch my flailing arms in his peripheral vision. “Hashgacha prutis” (Divine Providence) I […]

What’s Considered a Valid Reason to Convert To Judaism?

Dear Allison, I really enjoy your articles and Q&A’s. I was hoping you might be able to lend some insight to my conundrum. I come from an interfaith family (my mother is Catholic and my father is Reform). Since my mother was far more religious, they decided I would be raised Catholic. We still celebrated […]

Why Do Orthodox Jews Consider a Woman’s Singing Voice Immodest?

  Dear Allison, I have really enjoyed reading all your articles and watching your videos — they answer many questions (some that I didn’t even know I had). One of the many things you’re good at is explaining the idea of modesty within the Jewish tradition. I recently had a Sabbath meal with a somewhat […]

The Chosen (Last) People

The idea that the Jewish nation considers itself to be the “chosen people” is something that rubs many people the wrong way. Such a term smacks of elitism and supremacy. Do we Jews really believe that we have some innate quality that makes us a “master race?”

Do Orthodox Men Wear Suits 24/7?

Dear Jew in the City, I live in Hollywood, California, and here there is a community full of Orthodox Jews with beards and everything. I was wondering where do they work? How do they make money? I have never seen an Orthodox Jew outside of this neighborhood. I been in many business places, offices, etc., […]

Why Do So Many People Hate Orthodox Jews?

Dear Jew in the City, Why is there such hatred towards Orthodox and Chasidic Jews? As I pursue becoming observant, I have received many negative comments about the Orthodox, especially the Chasidic, from fellow Jews in particular. Why is this? I don’t understand. Can you shed some light on this. Thanks, Shelley

Why Don’t Women Read From the Torah in Orthodox Synagogues?

Hi Allison, I’m reform and don’t understand why Orthodox women don’t read Torah in temple. If you have not heard Torah sung by a woman you have only heard half of the Torah!! The most important thing is that Torah is READ by someone with a love for it. I would appreciate your thoughts on this. […]

Why Don’t Orthodox Jewish Women Wear Pants?

Dear Jew In The City, Why don’t Orthodox women wear pants even though in today’s world you can tell women’s and men’s clothing apart? Thanks, Chelsea

You People Are All The Same, Right?

My downstairs neighbor is an older, self-described “not so religious” Jewish lady who lives with her cat and is surprisingly friendly to my family. This has led me to conclude that she is either hard of hearing or soft on judging. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have lived below us for the last five years.

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