Shimon Peres Considered This The Jews’ Greatest Gift To The World

While Shimon Peres, who passed away last night, did not share my political views in many issues over the years, he undoubtedly represented Israel around the world in a way that nobody else was able to. No matter what gripe a person might have with his decades long career, he was a brilliant and dedicated […]

Remembering Steven Hill: Emmy-Nominated Orthodox Jewish Actor

Emmy-nominated actor and Orthodox Jew, Steven Hill, died today in New York at the age of 94. During his half-century Hollywood career, this trailblazing shomer shabbos actor was best known for his roles in Mission: Impossible and Law & Order.Hill was born in Seattle and soon after a stint in the Naval Reserve during World War […]

What Is The Jewish View on Ghosts?

The Ghostbusters franchise has come back from the dead, raising questions on what Judaism teaches about ghosts. According to the Torah, do ghosts haunt our society, crossing over from the dead to appear before and communicate with the living? Texts spanning millennia offer two different approaches within Jewish belief. Judaism teaches that death does not […]

Moments of Hope During A Reign of Terror in Israel

There was a video going around yesterday – people warned me that it was gruesome – but I was en route to a speaking engagement and wasn’t really paying attention. Before I boarded the plane, I quickly checked Facebook and the video started playing on my feed. I saw a car ram into people. A […]

13 Common Shiva Mistakes You May Be Making

After experiencing the death of my father over three months ago, I have decided to share some thoughts, in the hope that they can help all who try to comfort mourners during such difficult times. Specifically, I will focus on aspects of the funeral, the shiva (seven days of mourning) and post shiva. Some may be surprised […]

The Victims of the Sandy Hook Shooting You Never Heard Of

When there’s a mass shooting we (rightly so) hear most about the victims and their families as their pain is the deepest, their loss the most palpable. But there are countless untold stories of the kids who suffer from the periphery. I was one of them. Almost 22 years to the day of the Sandy […]

The Legacy of Steve Jobs: Is it Jewish to “Think Different?”

In the days since Steve Jobs passed away, media outlets and social networking sites have been buzzing about his life, his legacy, and why he touched so many  people. Quotes from his now almost legendary commencement speech at Standford University in 2005 have popped up on my Facebook page and twitter feed repeatedly. This man’s […]

A (Real Life) Stranger Among Us: The Murder of Leiby Kletzky

I used to like scary movies as a kid. The heart-pounding, palm-sweating, breath-holding, nightmare-inducing (wait, why did I like them again?) kind. Whenever the movie became too much to bear – which was basically every time I’d watch one – I had a trick I’d employ to calm myself down. I would simply look away from […]

“The Jewish Afterlife,” Episode 7

Does Judaism believe in an afterlife? Watch this video to find out.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

While I was out at Target on Sunday evening, purchasing the items my kids needed for camp the next day (yes, I waited until the last minute as usual), a mini-crisis was erupting back at my parents’ house. We were visiting them for the afternoon, and my husband stayed behind to watch the kids while I shopped. Little did I […]

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