Tamir Goodman

About Tamir Goodman

Dubbed The Jewish Jordan” by Sports Illustrated in 1999, Tamir Goodman is a former professional basketball player who has become a successful entrepreneur, coach, educator, and motivational speaker.

The author of “The Jewish Jordan’s Triple Threat,” which ESPN’s Mark Stein called “captivating,” Goodman is also the developer of Zone190, a revolutionary basketball training device. He holds a B.A. in Communications, and lives in Jerusalem with his wife and four children. To register for Tamir's overnight basketball camp in Jerusalem please go to: www.tamirgoodman.com.

Tamir Goodman’s Grandmother: The Superwoman Holocaust Survivor

Today is my grandmother’s 96th birthday! Here is what she taught me: Up until last month I viewed my grandmother (Savta) as super-human. I was well aware that she survived horrific and unimaginable horrors during the Holocaust and that she suffered unthinkable pain in the concentration camps. And I also knew that after finally surviving […]

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