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About Sruli Broocker

An award-winning performer, animator, and rabbinical school graduate, Sruli is a founding member of Shmideo, a boutique multi-media production company in Pittsburgh, PA that specializes in comedy, puppetry, and animation. Their work has been featured in the Jewish Chronicle, The Forward, and in the Huffington Post, which compared them to a Jewish Monty Python. He also plays harmonica in Chillent - a unique "soul stew" of Klezmer, Soul, Jazz, Funk, and Blues. He lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his patient wife Rochel, their three kids, and a shih-poo.

11 Things “The Ten Commandments” Movie Got Wrong

Growing up in secular America, it was always a major event when they would broadcast The Ten Commandments on one of the major, primetime networks. Although I watched it on a television screen decades after it “played on the big screen, it still took my breath away – even as a child of the eighties, […]

My Incredible Meeting With Steven Spielberg’s Mom, Chasidic Jew

I was saddened to hear yesterday about the passing of Mrs. Leah Adler at the age of 97. She was somewhat of a legend in my circles. Not only because her son is Steven Spielberg, but also because she was one of the great Jewish personalities in the Los Angeles Jewish community. In addition to […]

How Gene Wilder’s “The Frisco Kid” Inspired Me To Become Hasidic

American acting icon and double Academy Award Nominee Gene Wilder passed away yesterday at the age of 83. Born Jerome Silberman in Milwaukee, Wilder made his way to New York to pursue his dreams. From his start at The Actor’s Studio and his best-known, starring roles in Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory and his […]

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