Allison is the Founder and Director of Jew in the City. Please find her full bio here.


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Allison is the Founder and Director of Jew in the City. Please find her full bio here.

“The Jewish Secret to Financial Freedom,” Ep. 1, Season 2

If matza is “the poor man’s bread” why does it represent ultimate freedom?

Do Orthodox Jews believe in vaccinating?

Dear Jew in the City, Lock the kids up…do not sicken everyone. You have no right to impose your beliefs against vaccination on the rest of society. If you don’t see it this way…advice…leave this country. Go to someplace where ignorance and stupidity are bliss.  America is NOT such a place.  We lose ours, you […]

This Is What I Do When The Haters Come After Me

When you put yourself online – especially in a public way – you open yourself up to haters, trolls, and all sorts of nasty stuff. (Yay internet!) Thank God I don’t come across mean comments about myself too frequently, and I’ve managed to increase the thickness of my skin for when I do. But every […]

Jew in the City Now Offers Corporate Cultural Diversity Training!

When I started JITC almost six years ago, I davened (prayed) that there’d somehow be a way to make a living doing what I was so passionate about. I quit two jobs (while my husband was still in law school and we had almost three kids!) to make JITC a reality. There was no seed money, no […]

A Response To The NYPost’s Holy Chic – JITC Unplugged

This is our new behind the scenes JITC spinoff: JITC Unplugged. The NYPost reported on some of the most extreme measures some Orthodox women have taken to make their makeup last on Shabbos in their article “Holy Chic” but it didn’t give the whole story. Here’s JITC’s response.

Women of the Wall: A Possible Solution To Endless Fighting

Two children, a brother and sister, are fighting: calling each other names, bringing each other to tears. Their father stays out of it at first. He’s hoping his kids will work things out on their own, but they don’t. The bickering escalates until the father finally throws them into a time-out. He wants his children […]

The Maternal Side of God We Can All Tap Into

With four kids, ages seven and under, my husband and I have been exhausted for basically seven years straight. We’ve found that the best way to manage our sleep deprivation is by taking shifts and fortunately, the division of labor comes naturally in our house. When darkness falls on nights that he has nothing in particular to do, the moment my husband stops moving […]

The Man in the Bag, The Woman and the Foundation: Mocking Orthodox Jews

Did you hear the one about the Orthodox man in the plastic bag? How about the one with the Orthodox woman who sued the makeup company over foundation that didn’t last all of Shabbos? Likely, you heard both, as these two stories spread throughout the Internet like wildfire over the last few weeks. Although I […]

In Pursuit of Perfection: A Humbling Experience

When I was fourteen I decided that I was going to become perfect. Yeah, I hear how it sounds now, but at the time, it seemed like a brilliant idea. See, one of my sisters’ greatest pleasure during childhood was to constantly tell me everything I was doing wrong. (In adulthood, it’s only her second […]

Chesed From A Chasid: A Lesson in Kindness From Satmar Chasidim

    Sometimes, life comes full circle in the most unexpected ways. The circle in this story began almost thirty years ago at Mt. Sinai hospital in the city where my father was training to become a doctor. While there, my father – a very secular Jew – treated many Satmar Chasidim. He couldn’t stand […]

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