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The Hasidic Millenial Internet Sensation & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

The Hasidic Millenial Internet Sensation & Other Orthodox Jews in the News


The Real Reason Rachel Zoe Waited 3 Years To Cut Her Son’s Hair
For the curious, there is a reason that stylist Rachel Zoe chose to keep her three-year-old son Kaius’ hair long: She and her husband, Rodger Berman, are Jewish, and they chose to honor the ceremonial custom of upsherin. Popular in certain Orthodox and Hasidic sects, upsherin involves waiting until a boy turns three before he gets his first haircut.

Meet Melech Zilbershlag, the Israeli Millennial Who’s Becoming a YouTube Sensation
Melech Zilbershlag, a 20-year-old, kippah-clad Israeli who’s quickly becoming a Hebrew-language YouTube sensation, is helping to bridge the gap of understanding between Orthodox and the secular cultures in his country. Zilbershlag’s videos, which typically run about two minutes long, are published by Kan 11, the newly established Israeli Public Broadcasting Corp., which recruited Zilbershlag as new talent.

This Is the Orthodox Community’s Go-To Cool Sandwich Shop
Opened in March across from Pan Pacific Park by chef Eric Greenspan, Fleishik’s is where Orthodox men in black hats and schoolgirls in tartan pinafores queue up with customers who might usually opt for the pork belly at Animal. Because as Greenspan proves, rotisserie brisket layered over beet horseradish with crunchy chicken-skin gribenes and fried onions is exactly the kind of flavor-packed dish anybody would want to line up for.

Why You Should Give Kosher Restaurants A Second Chance
Someone who puts effort into a kosher dining experience will find an array of options the likes of which modern history has never known before. Not only is the kosher world thriving, but because of its small world, patrons are eating food on par with many of the country’s greatest restaurants, and our chefs, servers, work hard for you, making incredible, fresh, innovative fare, served in delightful settings.

Inside the Orthodox Singles Scene
It’s the kosher version of “Friends”: a Web series about six 20-something, Upper West Side singles navigating their way past irritating roommates, overbearing relatives and technological mishaps. That its main characters are a gallant young rabbi named David and his crush, Sarah, an artist — Orthodox Jews both — makes things more interesting.



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