The First Female Haredi Pilot & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

The First Female Haredi Pilot & Other Orthodox Jews in the News


Comey’s Case for Obstruction of Justice
Orthodox Jewish All Star Norman Eisen, chief White House ethics lawyer for President Barack Obama, is a co-founder and the chairman of CREW, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. In this article for NY Times, he and Noah Bookbinder discuss the background behind obstruction of justice and how it relates to current political events.

Ambassador Nikki Haley Visits Israel and Meets Haredi Jews
UN Ambassador Nikki Haley’s visit to Israel was hallmarked by these photos she took with Hasidic boys and Seminary girls. They were as touched by her interest in them as she was in meeting them.

Ultra-Orthodox Kids Grow a Green Thumb in ‘Mitzvah’ Gardens
Leshomra is a two-year-old organization that helps plant gardens at nursery schools, kindergartens, schools, and community centers in ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods in an attempt to connect children in a tactile way to nature and how things grow. It aims to build environmental awareness and green practices from the bottom, through a real understanding of Haredi culture and how best to relate to people in that community.

Flying PM, Female Ultra-Orthodox Pilot Breaks Glass Ceiling
The El Al flight taking Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife to Greece on Wednesday was piloted by a female ultra-Orthodox woman, a first for an official flight. Nechama Spiegel Novak, a mother of four who has been flying Israel’s national carrier since earlier this year, left Ben Gurion International Airport on Wednesday morning guiding a chartered Boeing 737 to Thessaloniki, where Netanyahu is participating in a trilateral summit with Greece and Cyprus.

Whom Have You Brought to Shabbat?
As more and more people take an interest in a traditional Shabbat, two New Yorkers have opened their homes to guests. With some old traditions and most new to the guests, it is an experience of new discovery for all involved.



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