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Orthodox Jewish All Star Joyce Azria's Haute New Brand & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Orthodox Jewish All Star Joyce Azria’s Haute New Brand & Other Orthodox Jews in the News


Maccabeats’ Sounds of Silence Cover Turns Classic Into Call to Unplug
The Times of Israel’s New Jersey newspaper partner was proud to share our new video. The call the Maccabeats’ Collaboration with ‘Jew in the City’ [a] masterpiece.”

Maccabeats’ ‘Sound of Silence’ A-Capella Cover Is Actually Amazing 
The song and video, made in collaboration with Jew in the City, focuses on the fact that in social media, there is a sort of silence, or lack of true communication. Are we actually speaking with each other, or just at each other in some void? By doing this, we’re isolating each other even more. For parents, this is important to think about, especially when raising kids in a world where technology is everywhere–and it impacts how we interact with each other.

Jew in the City Presents “The Sound of Silence” feat. The Maccabeats
This UK Jewish newspaper has had a ton of likes on their share of our video. They say, “those hardy perennials of JCTV return with their signature twist on a a Simon & Garfunkel classic.”

Avec Les Filles Fashion Line From Joyce Azria
Orthodox Jewish All Star Joyce, the daughter of BCBG’s Max Azria, says she is breaking all the rules with this line to design clothing and shoes for the millennial woman, who also breaks the traditional rules of fashion. The millennial girl is a young shopper who has more than $100 in her pocket to spend but is still very value-driven, so Joyce wanted to make a beautiful product for that young woman that brings enormous value.

The Journey of 89-Year-Old Tefillin and Their Owner Menachem Zev O”H
Menachem remembers clutching his tefillin, raising his head toward the sky, and whispering, “When will this all end? Oh dear G-d, when will I feel safe? When will I finally be liberated? When will I be able to go home?”

Naftali Bennett Shares Sound of Silence
Israel’s Minister of Education Naftali Bennett was so touched by our video that he shared it on both his Hebrew and English Facebook pages. His posts have received thousands of likes in response.

YNet News Shares The Sound of Silence
This news site happens to be Israel’s most popular web portal. Now it has shared our video with its millions of readers.



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