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Modesty is Trending and Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Modesty is Trending and Other Orthodox Jews in the News



Obama Should Pardon This Iowa Kosher Food Executive

Two U.S. Attorneys make the case for why Sholom Rubashkin should be pardoned before President Obama’s term comes to a close next month. Rubashkin has served more than seven years of his life sentence which was commuted to 25 years.


How an Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Director Keeps Jewish Law on Set

Orthodox Jewish All Star Rama Burshtein is a baalas teshuva director whose dedication to living a Torah life extends onto her on-set practices.


The Days of Early Minyans

Simon Feuerman relates as to how shorter daylight hours create a new relationship with the afternoon and evening prayers. The determination and accountability of the men who were counted on for prayer quorums made an impression on the writer that lasts to this day.


South Dakota is Getting its Only Full Time Rabbi and Becoming the 50th State for Chabad

Rabbi Mendel and Mussie Alperowitz are a young Crown Heights couple who grew up in the world of shlichus. Setting up shop in Sioux Falls, they and their daughters will be a fixture for even the two reform and one conservative synagogues in town, whose rabbis are only part-time.


Demure is More: The Rise of Modesty Dressing

Modest dressing, long a mainstay of Orthodox Judaism, is on the rise among celebrities. From Couture to off-the-rack, designers and manufacturers are trying to keep up with the demand that celebrity trends are putting on the map.


Checking Out Brooklyn’s Emerging Kosher Barbecues

Eater’s senior critic heads out into the night to sample two new kosher smokehouses. He is shocked to discover that there are authentic Southern gems in kosher Brooklyn.


Tzohar Grad’s Photography in Focus on Vanity

Arianna Sharfman has enjoyed “playing with cameras” since she was in high school. But it wasn’t until the Orthodox native Californian attended Pittsburgh’s Tzohar Seminary for Chassidus and the Arts that her hobby turned into a lucrative career.



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