Jew in the City's 2016 Chanukah Gift Guide!

Jew in the City’s 2016 Chanukah Gift Guide!


Chanukah is around the corner and the spirit of giving to others and even for our own enjoyment is palpable. Want to impress your gift recipients, support Orthodox Jewish businesses and take Jew in the City’s expert advice to make your Chanukah delicious, beautiful and memorable? Look no further than our 2016 Chanukah Gift Guide.

Babkatoure is a totally new concept for a favorite pastime that your Bubby used to make. Babka has been the go-to pastry for Shabbos morning for centuries! Babkatoure packaging is high end and classy to match the product inside.  They expanded their product line from classic chocolate to maple glazed cinnamon, vanilla swirl and milk chocolate.  Kosher certification is under Rabbi Lankry from Monsey, NY. Babkatoure has the trifecta of taste, quality and decadence.  This is not just about eating cake…it’s a Babkatoure experience. Babkatoure owner Sharon grew up in Monsey, New York, where she was raised in a frum orthodox setting. She went to Bais Yaakov elementary, high school, and seminary. One year after seminary, she married her husband and lived in Israel briefly before returning to her hometown to develop Babkatoure.


the-tastemaker-gift-boxFounded in 2010 in Brooklyn, NY by the Hanau Family, Grow and Behold Foods brings you delicious OU Glatt Kosher pastured meats raised on family farms. They adhere to the strictest standards of kashrus, animal welfare, worker treatment and sustainable agriculture.  Every cut is carefully trimmed and packaged to ensure you receive only the best, highest quality meat. Grow and Behold owners Naf and Anna Hanau met on an organic vegetable farm and fell in love — with each other, and with feeding people good food.  Many neighboring farms raised pastured meat, but none of it was kosher. So Naf learned the kosher meat business from the ground up, including training as a shochet. Grow and Behold was created to make delicious, sustainably-raised pastured meat available to the Jewish community, guided by their passion for producing high quality food and our concern for the well-being of everyone involved — from the farm to the butcher shop to the delivery truck. Save $15 off your first order of $100 or more with the code JITC15.


screen-shot-2016-12-18-at-11-41-17-pmSincerely, Brigitte™ is the brainchild of Brigitte Mizrahi, with her passion for gourmet cheeses and a vision to transform a staid segment of the food industry into one of boldness, innovative flavor and adventure. With exotic, unique and new flavors such as Sriracha, Tarragon Ginger, Wasabi, Maple Pecan and more formed in blocks and rolls, both dairy enthusiasts and those simply looking for a new culinary journey will be delighted by the varied and innovative flavor selection. Sincerely, Brigitte™ cheese boasts itself category leader in the dairy and deli aisles of over 1,000 club stores, supermarkets and independent specialty retailers in the US and abroad, including Mexico, Canada and Australia. They are widely available where Natural & Kosher Cheese products are sold, at stores such as ShopRite, Ralphs, Fairway, Zabar’s and other select markets.


Elysheva Jewelry began as a way for a single mom to support her three daughters. Today, the company has grown and both mother and girls work together to provide a unique compilation of styles for women. Known for their variety of materials, styles and excellent quality, not to mention reasonable pricing, Elysheva jewelry also provides employment opportunities for women throughout the United States. Fashionistas, as they are so lovingly referred to, work as sales representatives for Elysheva, setting their own hours and even controlling their own commission. Elysheva is also dedicated to giving back to the community, and donates 10% of all its proceeds to various charities.


Yosef Merdinger came from Romania to Israel in 1949. Soon after, he teamed up with friends with whom he learned the art of hand-crafting silver to form Hazorfim. They recreated classic European Judaica designs known for their beauty and elegance. They gathered an elite group of silver artisans, selected for their creativity, skill, expertise and uncompromising standards. Yosef’s son Yakov was just eight when he started working at Hazorfim during school breaks. In 1983, Yosef passed away and Yakov took up the mantle of chief designer. Inspired by the creative spirit, innovation, love and desire to preserve the traditional art-form passed on from his father, Yakov ensured that all this can be found in each hand-made pure silver design. Hazorfim has grown in reputation to become both the largest silver plant in the world and the standard bearer for silversmiths around the globe. Combining traditional techniques with innovation, they fashion beautiful, hand-crafted Judaica silver pieces which bring style, beauty and tradition to any home.


LuLaRoe is a women’s clothing line (with men’s and kids products too) known for comfortable, fun, and affordable clothing. The company makes certain styles regularly, but they all come in thousands of colors and patterns.  Each pattern is only made into a limited number of pieces, so people don’t end up wearing the same shirt as the girl who is sitting next to them. It also means that when you see something you like, you have to grab it – you can’t order another one! LuLaRoe is designed with all types of bodies in mind, and the fabrics stretch for optimum comfort. The company is based out of Southern California, and the clothes are sold exclusively through LuLaRoe consultants like Michelle Dinits, who is thrilled to share her passion for LuLaRoe with women everywhere. She was struck by the depth of spirituality in Judaism and slowly took on mitzvos. Having always loved clothes, dressing modestly was a challenge for her because it seemed to limited her fashion options. It took time, creativity and shopping to find herself in her new wardrobe. The wisdom she gained in her journey is what informs her thoughtful curation of LuLaRoe’s colorful and comfortable line.


Reveal Chai is known as “the world’s cutest Jewish card game” and the work the company did to make it 100% inclusive shows. From kids with dark skin, to light, red hair, glasses, girls, boys, special needs and every other shade and flavor we could think of, every Jewish child across the spectrum can identify with the game. Their team is comprised of working moms who believe every child should be able to see themselves in the games they play.


Based out of Chicago, Valeri’s Boutique designs and hand makes hair accessories for ladies, girls, and babies. Using appliques, flowers and gems to create unique pieces that fit with an individual’s style and personality, custom orders are their specialty. Valeri regularly receives messages from women about the struggles they had with covering their hair and how the products made them feel more motivated to fulfill the mitzvah, feeling beautiful while doing it. This was and still is the fuel that drives her to continue creating. The baby and children’s collection was inspired by her own children. Valeri’s Boutique is offering all Jew in the City readers 15%off their orders with the code: JEWINTHECITY15.




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