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Worlds Oldest Man Set to Celebrate Bar Mitzvah at 113 & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Worlds Oldest Man Set to Celebrate Bar Mitzvah at 113 & Other Orthodox Jews in the News


How the Burkini Debate Boosted Sales of Modest Swimwear in Israel

The Burkini Ban was the Modest Wear story of the summer…but not many people know that because of it, Arab women are buying suits from Israelis and strengthening the ties between them.

Shortlist for National Portrait Gallery’s Portrait Prize Announced

Kovi Konowiecki’s portraits of Israeli Orthodox Jews have been shortlisted for a prize at the National Portrait Gallery in London. His stunning images are being shown now in London as the contest awaits a winner to be announced soon.

First Hasidic Woman Elected As Brooklyn Civil Court Judge

Boro Park resident and Hasidic woman Rachel “Ruchie” Freier wears many hats: lawyer, EMT, Entrepreneur, Wife, Grandmother and now, Civil Court Judge.

How This Entrepreneur Tailored His Shirt Business for Today’s Man

Asher Weinberger of Twillory has found a compelling niche in the competitive world of menswear: A formaldehyde-free non-iron shirt that keeps both carcinogens and wrinkles away.

In Israel Many Religious Athletes Must Still Choose Sports or Spirituality

Despite the advancement of religious Jews in sports such as Tamir Goodman, many observant athletes in Israel today still must compromise either the way they keep Shabbos, or their sports dreams.

World’s Oldest Man, Yisrael Kristal, 113, to Hold Bar Mitzvah

Holocaust Survivor Yisrael Kristal is now an Orthodox Jewish resident of Israel. He never had the chance to have a Bar Mitzvah until now, as he holds the title for World’s Oldest Man.








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