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Making Cheeseburgers Kosher & Other Orthodox Jews in the News

Making Cheeseburgers Kosher & Other Orthodox Jews in the News



Adaptation of Popular Israeli TV Show, Shtisel, to Air in US

The hottest television drama on the air right now in Israel is, wait for it, about Orthodox Jews! Its American adaptation is now in the works, and is being produced by Marta Kauffman of “Friends” fame.

Can a Cheeseburger be Kosher?

The Jewish Standard explores the new innovation of lab-created, cultured burgers, funded by Sergey Brin of Google among others. Could such an experiment actually turn out to be kosher when paired with real cheese?

Yeshivas Take Lesson in Secular Studies

Due to the work of Young Advocates for Fair Education and other like-minded groups, chassidishe yeshivas are taking a closer look at the lack of secular education, and more importantly, concrete steps they can take to improve it.

Chinese-Peruvian Family Runs Miami’s Favorite Kosher Nikkei Spot, 26 Sushi and Tapas

One of the hottest restaurants in Miami just happens to be kosher, but the story of how the non-Jewish chef-proprietor family came to run such an establishment is a delight.

The Best New Mexican Food on the UWS is Kosher!

Top Chef’s Katsuji Tanabe has finally opened his long-awaited LA hit restaurant Mexikosher in NYC. At times packed and at times with lines out the door, here’s a small taste of the heaven that awaits Mexikosher’s customers.

Google and the U.S. Government Are Helping Orthodox Jews Get Tech Jobs

As more Israeli Chareidim enter the workforce, a great number of them are joining the tech sector. Placing their bets on a mutual benefit, big investors such as Google and Microsoft have a stake in the pool of rising talent.



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