Orthodox Jews in the News Weekly Round-Up 7/1/16

Orthodox Jews in the News Weekly Round-Up 7/1/16


‘Rising Above’ Helps Kids Overcome Challenges Through Inspirational Stories

Parents are always looking for ways to motivate their kids. In this Parenting report, NY1’s Shelley Goldberg is joined by Gregory Zuckerman and his son Elijah, authors of “Rising Above,” who found inspiration in personal stories from some well-known athletes. Their kippahs are proudly visible throughout the interview!

A Tribe Is Born in Atlanta’s New Hollywood

Elan and Yelena Hertzberg are making waves with their film production, post and visual effects company FilmTribe. Together, they are adding to the vision of Atlanta as the new Hollywood.


Akiva Neuman – American Ninja Warrior 2016


Watch Akiva Neuman compete for the American Ninja Warrior title. Not bad at all, Rabbi Ninja!


‘Modest fashion’ fans are covering up – and making waves in USA

Worldwide, fashion consumers are answering the question: “Who do I want to dress  like — Bella Hadid or Kate Middleton?” with the modest choice. From Orthodox Jews to Muslims and Religious Christians, every type of clothing from haute couture to off the rack is covering up.


360i CEO Sarah Hofstetter on the Changing Ad Model

Sarah Hofstetter, CEO of digital agency 360i, discusses how her agency hangs on to talent and promotes diversity within its ranks and how the advertising agency model is changing. We are so proud of this trailblazing All Star!



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