Orthodox Jews in the News: Weekly Round-Up 6/17

Orthodox Jews in the News: Weekly Round-Up 6/17



Netflix Readies Animated ‘Spy Kids,’ ‘Llama Llama’ Series

Orthodox Jewish All Star Saul Blinkoff is directing a new kids’ program based on the beloved books. Stay tuned for it coming soon on Netflix!


Enough With the Gefilte Fish. I’ll Have Sushi.

A fun exploration into how and when sushi became such a booming trend in kosher food. It has everyone from Hipsters to Hasidim “hooked!”


ShayTell Brings World of Jewish Wigs to Social Media

The first-ever online review site for wigs, this “Yelp” for Orthodox women was founded by one. It provides a valuable service for free on what is an expensive and important purchase that affects women worldwide.


The Exciting, Exasperating Quest to Get 10 Men Together to Pray in an Airport

Ever tried to make a minyan before you make a flight? If not, you’ve certainly witnessed this phenomenon. Here’s a humorous inside look at what it takes to make this mitzvah happen.


After cliff rescue, Lifeboat Heroes at Dover Receive £5,000 Donation by Jewish Ahvas Yisrael centre in London

The field trip for 30 Hasidic London boys ended in a rescue due to getting lost at high tide. But the rescuers didn’t expect the grateful Orthodox families to raise $7,000 USD to show their gratitude.




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