Orthodox Jews In The News: Weekly Round Up 8/10


Jews in The Police: ‘If We Live Here, We Should Play a Part in Protecting Britain’ – Moshe Rothstein, the only religious Jew in the division, has been shortlisted for the Lord Ferrers Award, which will recognise outstanding special constables and police support volunteers

From Theater to TV: Former Child Star Now WSVN reporter Rosh Lowe – Lowe may be “the only reporter in the country that is Sabbath observant.”

Seven Wonder Women of Jewish Athletics – Estee Ackerman (of the 2014 Orthodox Jewish All Stars) is one of seven named in this list by the Jewish Week

Satmar Hassid Sold His Company to Microsoft For 39 Million Dollars – Microsoft said that Slasky’s field services management company stood out among its competitors


Orthodox Jews In The News: Weekly Round Up 8/17
Grasping for Comfort: Faigy Mayer, Stabbings & Firebombing



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