Orthodox Jews in the News: Weekly Round Up 8/24

Orthodox Jews in the News: Weekly Round Up 8/24


Prominent US-Based Haredi Rabbis Declare Obligation to Report Child Abuse to Police – The letter addresses the need to prevent and eradicate the epidemic of child abuse in the Jewish community, and was signed by over 100 Rabbis (several of these Rabbis are the very same we reached out to, to support the halachic prenup and help prevent agunos)

First Haredi Woman Accepted to El Al’s Pilot Training Program – Nechama is striving towards her dream of becoming a pilot and is El Al’s first female Haredi candidate

Mayim Bialik: Hollywood is Not Friendly to People of Faith – Mayim Bialik, actress, PhD, vegan, Partners in Torah chavrusa, and personal friend writes about Hollywood’s hostility towards religion

The Winding Path: Leaving Ultra-Orthodoxy Without Losing ‘Community’ – Project Makom is mentioned in this article about “providing ex-Hasidim and formerly ultra-orthodox with a safe, accepting haven”

For Orthodox Artists, Struggles to Fund Projects are Compounded –  Orthodox video producers and other artists discuss the fundraising issues that arise when projects are considered “too narrowly focused to automatically deserve to be a mainstream production”




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