Orthodox Jews In The News: Weekly Round Up


“Hasidic ‘Rocker Chicks’ Bulletproof Stockings Seek Broader Audience”  Bulletproof Stockings is a Hasidic all-female alt-rock band led by Dalia Shusterman and Perl Wolfe. Based in Brooklyn, they perform to women-only audiences. Their recent gig at Lower East Side rock venue “Arlene’s Grocery” drew their most diverse crowds ever as well as a lot of media buzz.


“2000 Year-Old Trove of Ancient Coins Found in Israel” – A 2,000-year-old trove of rare bronze coins from a Late Second Temple Period Jewish settlement was recently discovered in Israel. Orthodox Jews pray numerous times a day to return to the land of Israel. The connection is ancient yet timely.


“Shunning Taboo, Hundreds of Ultra-Orthodox Seek to Volunteer for IDF”  For the first time, hundreds of Ultra-Orthodox Jews are joining the IDF, going against tradition, in an effort to support their brothers who are in combat.


“Your Unwanted Gift Cards Are Worth Millions–These Guys Are Building An Empire With Them”  How the founders (two Orthodox Jews) of CardCash started a company that grossed $56 million last year buying and reselling the gift cards that nobody wanted. (And helped fulfill the mitzvah of not wasting.)

Helping Divorced Moms In the Orthodox Jewish Community
Lapid Prays For The First Time in 6 Years After Kidnapping



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  1. Adam Goldberg (Omaha, NE) says:

    This is great!!!
    (But, on the flip side, there seems to be no lack of agencies that publish negative news. Don’t you think it is possible for optimistic amateur journalists like us to have a shot at changing that?)
    Also, I’m sorry for mentioning the apparent status quo…

    • Allison Josephs Allison Josephs says:

      Well – at Jew in the City, we are working to publicize the positive (while speaking out against the negative) and yes, we are making a difference.

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