AMAZING Challah Recipe and the Meaning Behind the Mitzvah

Learn how to make my signature Cinnamon, Raisin, Walnut Challah in this fun mother daughter challah baking video. And discover the deeper meaning behind the mitzvah of separating challah (hafrashas challah).

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  1. Great video – I learned something AND got a great new recipe. Thank you!

  2. Maria-Philippa Wieckowski says:

    I'm not jewish (orthodox christian here), but since I've discovered your work – which is truly amazing :)), you've become a source of inspiration for me… Plus, I discover new things about judaism, in a very clear way. And that's thanks to you!! Toda raba, keep going!! :)

  3. Mitzvot are so meaningful whether one knows the deeper messages or not. But knowing the deeper messages makes it so much more uplifting.

  4. Thank you for teaching so many women about the beauty of separating challah.

  5. I want to tell you how much my little girl (4yrs old) loves your video! (We both do!) We made your Challah together yesterday, and it was so WONDERFUL!
    Thank you!!

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