Send Us a Clip: How Are YOU Not an Orthodox Stereotype?

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A couple years ago, someone suggested that we invite the fans to submit a video of themselves. I filed it under “do this at some point,” but I wasn’t sure when or why, or how would do it. Now I am. We’re going to make a montage of YOU. You’ve been hearing mostly from me (and a few other people in recent videos) over these last six years, but this time we want to hear from YOU.

The clip should be a minute or less. It should be evocative in some way: funny, meaningful, or inspirational. And it should answer the question of “Why am I not what you’d expect an Orthodox Jew to be?” The common stereotypes about Orthodox Jews are that we’re all: closed-minded, backwards, judgmental, anti-women, anti-science, only rabbis and housewives, frumpy, non-fashionable, all white/Ashkanazi, non-creative, etc.”

How/why do you break that stereotype? We will not use everything that comes in, so make us want to choose yours!

Please send entries to: by November 7, 2013. Thanks!!


And now for the legalese: By submitting your clip you are agreeing to grant Jew in the City all rights to the video, in perpetuity, including (but not limited to) the right to use the video, or any portion of it, in any form, fashion, or media, at Jew in the City’s discretion, without compensation to you.

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  1. Please don't assume someone else will submit a video. This is YOUR chance to tell us your story. Why you're not typical (btw – no one is!) Send us a clip and help us break down stereotypes!

  2. Agreed! Don't assume. Send in a video!

  3. Oh, I am all over that!!!!!

  4. Debbie Kahan says:

    Great idea!

  5. This line is why I might just opt out "without compensation to you." At least compensation in non-monetary form? But, maybe I am not that interesting in any case :)

  6. All I have to say is Rina Deutsch is trying to force me to submit a video. Lol!

  7. Ahuva Hellmann says:

    Blimie Zumba 😉

  8. Ahuva Hellmann says:

    Blimie Zumba

  9. what is non-monetary compensation? this video likely wouldn't be a big money-maker. i just asked my husband (a lawyer) what you write to cover yourself from legal issues! i'm sure you're very interesting!! :)

  10. Daniel Wenger says:

    Allison: In what format should we send clips? Or can we upload to YouTube and send you a link?

  11. Daniel Wenger says:

    Non-monetary compensation is usually something like a written credit/citation in your use of it.

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