Who Is Jew in the City? The Back Story To JITC’s Beginning

Learn about the tragic story that started Jew in the City creator Allison Josephs on her spiritual journey and why she started Jew in the City.

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Allison Josephs About Allison Josephs

Allison is the Founder and Director of Jew in the City. Please find her full bio here.


  1. I just Tweeted this video. Heartbreakingly beautiful story of faith.

  2. Ellen Lebowicz says:

    I became religious 48 years ago, when I was 16 years old but it is only now that I am truly searching for the truth and meaning of being Orthodox. My original “conversion”, I believe, had to do with seeing the beauty, from the outside looking in, and the safety in being part of a close-knit, welcoming, and stable (from the outside looking in) community. But it is only now, as life has unfolded in an entirely different way than I’d anticipated, that I’m searching. At first I felt that the Orthodox had let me down. But I now realize that it’s me who hasn’t explored what’s always been out there for the taking.

  3. Hi, really touching story thank you for being so open and honest! I just wanted to clarify if orthodox jews have different rules! Funny enough yesterday I watched a few minutes of a show called " Oprahs Next Chapter" she was talking to 2 relegious families in brooklyn New York! They have 9 children and are not allowed to watch tv, use cell phones, use computers, No internet, etc etc..( takes away the focus of whats really important..) So are there many different groups of ortodox jews? Please help me to understand..just a confused jewish women!

  4. jason ling says:

    Thanks, you’re helping me to understand and I like your channel.

  5. Concerned observant Mom says:

    Touching story!
    Glad that you were inspired to do something positive after such a traumatic event.

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