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A Response To The NYPost's Holy Chic - JITC Unplugged

A Response To The NYPost’s Holy Chic – JITC Unplugged


This is our new behind the scenes JITC spinoff: JITC Unplugged. The NYPost reported on some of the most extreme measures some Orthodox women have taken to make their makeup last on Shabbos in their article “Holy Chic” but it didn’t give the whole story. Here’s JITC’s response.




  1. Hi Allison,

    I just watched your video and read the article Holy Chic and I had a very different take on the article. My initial reaction was that I found it a bit humorous, but when I really started thinking about it I felt it was truly a kiddush H’. Look at what these women are willing to do to keep shabbos! Mi K’amcha Yisroel! Sure, it’s extreme and most orthodox women aren’t as drastic, but I think it’s a beautiful that these women are not willing to budge one inch in observing shabbos and that they will go to such extremes to keep halacha. And assuming that these women are trying to be beautiful for their husbands, their “mesirus nefesh” is even more impressive. (However, I was disturbed to read that there are women who don’t let their husbands touch them in order to preserve their makeup and I do not condone that!)

    When you read stories about our Gedolim, there is usually something “extreme” about their avodas H’ and klal yisroel is lucky to have leaders who go above and beyond. If the portrayal of Orthodox women in the media is one of unwavering commitment to halacha, even if you will call it “extreme”, then Baruch H’. And hopefully in the zechus of nashim tzidkaniyos like these ladies we will see the ultimate redemption b’karov!

  2. Hi just saw your video on mikvah. I really felt the video was given in good taste, in both modesty and accuracy. I especially liked how you looked so respectful and modest too. Keep up the good work!

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