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People have been telling me for a while to do a “most common myths and misconceptions” article and I finally did it. There is a meme on about “12 Annoying Things About This” and “15 Annoying Things About That,” so I wrote “13 Annoying Things Most People Assume About Orthodox Jews,” and it’s been viewed almost 30k times in the first seventeen hours!


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  1. Moishe3rd says:

    Indeed. I read it on Facebook as various people shared it.
    However… I know you wrote this for those who really don’t know anything but… the hair; the science; birth control; and the rabbi…
    I know that many, many women who are older do, in fact, cut their hair very, very short.
    Whereas I am very familiar with Nachmanides and I love Gerald Schroeder and other scientists, nearly all of the frum rabbis (including my children) I know, hold by a more literal view of Creation as described in the Torah.
    And, birth control is pretty much NOT practiced by most of the frum families I know.
    And… the most extraneous of my points – any frum knowledgeable man who can teach Torah is, indeed, a rabbi. Many, many of the rabbis that make a living in some aspect of Judaism, do not actually have semicha.
    I know that you are writing for a lay audience and that there are different degrees of everything (two Jews; three opinions) but, in the above, I suspect that yours is not the majority view.
    I could be wrong.
    Yasher koach on your article; have a great Shabbos and Kasher Sameach!

    • Thanks for your comment, Moishe3rd. The purpose of the article wasn’t to say “this is what the largest percentage of Orthodox Jews do” – I frankly don’t know what percentage of the Orthodox world uses birth control or how short most women’s hair is! As I stated at the top, this is what MY world looks like and my community looks like, though I have spent time visiting in other communities. There are things that people like me do that the larger world will not so easily understand, but what I wanted to show was that my life and my world, in many ways, is not so different from theirs. As a ba’al teshuva, I was not looking to totally leave the world behind. I wanted to be consistent in my halacha observance and form a relationship with God. Knowing that I could dress stylishly, believe in science, and have some control over my family planning were big discoveries for me to make about Orthodox Judaism. And I want other people to understand these concepts as well.

  2. way to go!

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