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How Can You Be A Part of JITC’s Mission?


We here at JITC are committed to putting out excellent content that breaks down stereotypes about religious Jews and offers a humorous, meaningful look into Orthodox Judaism, but our main platform – – is in need of an update. Our site is certainly not a disaster, but it is not organized optimally nor is our content as easy to share as it could be.

The online world is a fast-paced one and sites need to be updated regularly in order to feel fresh. We have not reached the point of staleness yet, but we want to stay ahead of the curve so that day never comes. If is the face of our mission and our mission is the face of Orthodox Jewry, then we must make sure that we always look our best.

We have already raised 28% of the funds needed at the time of this posting and our drive lasts for one more week. If every reader, viewer, and fan gave just a few dollars, we’d be able to redo the site in a couple weeks. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Please show us that you believe in this mission by making a contribution today! Thank you for your support!



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