Orthodox Jewish All Stars: With Alex Clare, Joe Lieberman, Faye Kellerman and More!

Are all Orthodox Jewish men rabbis? Are Orthodox Jewish women allowed to work? Find out from these Orthodox Jewish All Stars!

A Response To The NYPost's Holy Chic - JITC Unplugged
"Mikvah: Splish Splash Is It a Jewish Bath?" Ep. 6, Season 2



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  1. Dr sherrie says:

    Good job..i thought there was going to be an all star in medicine?

    • There was talk of having a physician too, but there were technically difficulties in filming her and we decided that ten was a nice round number for our list. But we plan to release a new list every year!

  2. Evelyn Krieger says:

    Let’s have All Stars 2 with entrepreneurs, inventors, CEOS, artists, and musicians.

  3. Love the Dmitriy Salita Pick. Could have also picked Yuri Foreman who has won a WBA Title.

  4. luv it

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