New JITC Video in Production: Orthodox Jewish All Stars!


If you are not following JITC on Facebook or twitter, you may not have heard that we’re well into filming our next video, “Orthodox Jewish All Stars.” The concept of the video is to debunk the myth that all Orthodox men are rabbis and that all Orthodox women are homemakers who are prohibited to work outside the home. For people who do know that Orthodox Jews can have other career options, there’s not always an understanding of how successful a person can be in his or her career while also remaining true to Torah observance.

“Orthodox Jewish All Stars” will include some of the most well-known observant Jews, including, but not limited to: Senator Joe Lieberman, best-selling novelist, Faye Kellerman, pro-boxer, Dmitriy Salita, former HBO producer, Jamie Geller, the first Orthodox Jewish female Rhodes Scholar, Miriam Rosenbaum, The Maccabeats, former pro-basketball player, Tamir Goodman, first Orthodox Jewish female Supreme Court Clerk, Rochelle Shoretz, and Hasidic comedian and actor Mendy Pellin.

This is our most ambitious video to date, but it’s off to a great start, and we hope that by putting so many stars into one video, we will be able to get this important message out to more people than ever. Stay tuned!





Allison is the Founder and Director of Jew in the City. Please find her full bio here.


  1. searchinmyroots : September 19, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    This looks like it will be a great video Allison!

    Kudos to you for all of your hard work in putting this together.

    I look forward to your continuing efforts to show Judaism for what it truly is. May the world be blessed by the Tree of Life and those that hold to it.

  2. May Hashem bless you Allison!

  3. I so love this. Its something whose time has long ago come. I recently read Mayim Bialik’s article on her experiences after her car accident and I was very moved and inspired. I am not in agreement with her attachment parenting philosophy but I greatly admire her attitude and how she dealt with what could have been a great tragedy and turned it around to find the positive in a horrible situation. I have also met Dmitry Salita and the way he found his way to Orthodox Judaism and courageously overcame the loss of his beloved mother moved me beyond words. All these people are an inspiration and we should hear more about their accomplishments. They all embody the qualities of our Matriarchs & Patriarchs. Shana Tove V Chatima Tova to you & your beautiful family Allison and may Hashem give us peace & love in the New Year

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